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As many of you know, bullying among our children, has unfortunately,  made it into the public eye with great force.  This is evident in the  environment developing in school systems across the country.  This issue has created problems with depression, suicide and has increased absenteeism by 15% within the population.  It is also estimated that one out of every seven students is either a bully or has been bullied.  Bullying has changed drastically over the past years.  Bullies target
Children escape from wrist and neck grabs
very differently now.  With the access to cell phones, computers and other forms of electronic media, cyber-bullying has become way to easy.  So along with physical threats, name calling and exclusion, one can be bullied in their own home.

InnerStrengths has developed a program that not only helps your child to physically protect themself but, also aids your child in understanding the dynamics of bullying. InnerStrengths provides lessons that foster growth in their confidence and self esteem, making it harder for your child to become a target.  InnerStrengths supports your child in developing the skills necessary to help prevent bullying such as; who and how to ask for help, problem solving, respectful listening and integrity. These are just a few of the skills they will carry with them for the rest of your child's life.  Even though we know the importance of building good character and self esteem, there is no guarantee that they will never be targeted for bullying.  Your child will be better equipped to handle more situations.  If needed, they are also taught how to physically defend themselves in a manner that allows them to negotiate with the bully in a safer manner.

It is one thing to know that bullying exists and that we want it to stop but, another to take the time to learn what we need to do about it.  InnnerStrengths has spent a lot of time researching by reading books and viewing videos, attending trainings presented by anti-bullying advocates, the sheriff's department and child psychologists to aid in the safety of all children.

I encourage you to educate your self about your child's school procedures and policies regarding anti-bullying and the expectations for your child's behavior.  This sometimes varies between schools, even though there are certain guidelines that need to be followed within the state.

Anti-bullying techniques are taught throughout the children's classes, as well as in separate programs at our should or through out reach.

For more information please contact Sensei Candace Rushton at (774) 488-6940.